Is there a limit to the number of users I can add?

No, whether you're an organiser, an exhibitor or a supplier you can add as many users as you like. We believe a task shared is a task bossed.

Can other organisers see our shows?

No, you can only see your shows, and other organisers can only see theirs. Your exhibitors and suppliers can see all the shows they’ve been invited to.

What are your SLAs?

We use all commercially reasonable efforts to make FFAIR available, with an uptime percentage of at least 99.95% in any monthly cycle.

What kind of support will I recieve?

We provide a comprehensive support portal, as well as email support from FFAIR staff during UK business hours.

Can I brand FFAIR to my show?

FFAIR allows you to add your show and organiser avatar, as well as a headline banner for each show, but we keep it simple because our luscious design is optimised for your exhibitors' ease of use.

Is FFAIR GDPR compliant?

You betcha - we take our data responsibilities very seriously. You can take a look at our Policy here, and you'll also find us on the ICO register (ZB033445).


How long does setup take in Taskd?

You’ll be building your own manual, so you can work at your own pace. Taskd also allows you to create templates and import from previous events. We don’t like to brag (well, we do), it took us just under an hour to set up a typical example.

What if I want to make changes to the manual and task list?

You have complete control, so you can make changes in the platform yourself. Now isn’t that handy!

How do exhibitors access my manual in Taskd?

Simple - you invite them and they can either register a new FFAIR account or add your show to their existing one.

Can I create complex forms?

Yep, you certainly can! You can create tasks containing multiple questions with a variety of response types including multiple choice, file upload, and more.

Can I set tasks that need organiser approval?

You can indeed – you can even set which individuals in your organisation can aprove them, and also send aproval to a 3rd party.

Can I download a CSV of all responses for a show?

Absolutely, all of your exhibitors' responses can be exported into a single CSV file or connected to a Google sheet.

Can I automatically save uploaded files?

Yes, Vendr integrates with Google Drive so you can safely store all of your exhibitors' uploaded files – and you can easily download them from there any time.


Can I set a transaction fee for sales made through Vendr?

Yes, and you can also set different fees for different suppliers and shows.

Does FFAIR generate VAT receipts?

We provide an order summary; VAT receipts are provided by the individual suppliers.

What if an exhibitor wants to cancel an order?

An exhibitor can cancel an order from within the platform, and the cancellation fee is equal to your organiser fee plus the transaction fees from Stripe and FFAIR.

Do I select my own suppliers?

Yes, you can invite your trusted suppliers, and it's possible to choose different ones for different shows.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment processor that allows organisations to accept payments, send payouts and manage their business online. Stripe's customers include Amazon, Google, Booking.com, ASOS, MADE... The list goes on.

Do I need a Stripe account?

Yes, you’ll need a Stripe account to receive your transaction fee. Don’t worry though, it takes minutes to set up an account.

Do my suppliers need a Stripe account?

Yes, they’ll need to set up and connect their account to their supplier portal. This only takes a few minutes, and it'll mean that their portion of any payment instantly appears in their Stripe account and is available to withdraw.

Do my exhibitors need a Stripe account?

No, Stripe does its magic under the hood, so your exhibitors will just enter their card details and pay.

What if my suppliers don’t want to join FFAIR?

We're pretty sure they will when they discover all the benefits - payments, more sales, all orders received in one place, and the ability to manage their order, to name a few.

Can I see what my exhibitors have ordered?

Yes you can, you’ll be able to see the full order details as well as the order status.

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