A FFAIR investment in a platform you can rely on

We're all about helping you achieve your goals more effectively. As well as simplifying your operations, our user-friendly platforms offer savings on staff costs, improving your bottom line, with clever functionality that reduces your team's workload and increases supplier sales.

At these prices, we're pretty sure that's a no-brainer.

FFAIR Exhibitor Manual



Per show

FFAIR Exhibitor Manual & Shop



Per show

Platform Fee 7.5% per transaction

What you get

Taskd | Automated Exhibitor Manual

No more sifting through spreadsheets and emails for information
Create your bespoke online manual in the time it takes to cook a pizza
Save time with manual templates that can be reused
Exhibitors manage all of their information in one user-friendly platform
Hide irrelevant information so exhibitors can find what they need
Show them which tasks still need doing and how urgent they are
See a complete overview of all exhibitors' progress
Resolve niggling issues before they become real problems
Get real-time status updates, run reports, and more
Meet your event deadlines with ease – no stress, no scurrying

Vendr | Exhibitor Webstore

Manage your exhibitors in one place – no need to hunt for their details
Get rewarded for your efforts with a commission on all orders placed
Easily keep track of sales and monitor your suppliers' performance
View exhibitor orders and statuses – say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets
A multi-vendor store with a single checkout means a better buying experience for your exhibitors
Help suppliers sell more, with greater exposure and ease of purchase
Instant payments means no hassle invoicing or chasing payments
Select your preferred suppliers – you have complete control
Total transparency allows you to solve minor issues before they escalate
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